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Rodney Shu

I wonder why the attached drawing was revised in Charlotte? Danville Division headquarters was in Greensboro. Did the Charlotte Division handle engineering drawings for the Lynchburg area?
Rod Shu - Birmingham

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There are presently 138 items in the Lynchburg, VA digital file, I have attached one example, a drawing revised Oct 28, 1952. It, like most of the Lynchburg scans is only IDd as “Lynchburg, VA3”.

There are presently 11,971 items in the “Photos and Drawings by Location” digital files, maybe 30% of them need to be looked at and have descriptions included in their file names and additional items scanned and added to the file.

This is an archives project we have simple not been able to get to….volunteers?


PS The “Diesel” file has 14,500 items, “Passenger” has 6,914, etc., etc.

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