locked Re: St. Louis line

Charles Powell

As others have mentioned the Ms class Mikes were used on the branches and at least from Huntingburg to Princeton on the main line as Princeton was the main shop for that division. One of those Ms Mikes that ended its SR career in 1948 at Princeton was 4501. As far as road switchers the Fairbanks Morse H16-44s which arrived in 1950 & 1951, were initially used on the St. Louis line. On my one visit in the 80s to Huntingburg yard I was surprised by the fair sized steel,  two track locomotive shop building. Most small outlying Southern locations after steam had lost their roundhouses and only had engine service tracks and no shop buildings. The General Foreman told me that when the FMs first arrived the plan was to keep them on that division and the shop was set up for that purpose. In just a few years Southern switched to concentrating all of the road locomotive maintenance inspections at Chattanooga and Atlanta and the FMs migrated away.

I donated to the SRHA archives a set of bound volumes of "Ties" that I inherited from my parents. They covered from around 1948 to 1955. I recall at least one photo of a train with H16-44s identified as being in Indiana in one of those magazines. 
Charlie Powell

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