locked Re: St. Louis line

D. Scott Chatfield

I've enjoyed the info as well.  This is probably the one Southern mainline I know the least about.  I don't recall ever seeing an article about it in the railfan press (Trains, R&R, CTC Board, etc).  

I drove along the line from Mt. Vernon to Louisville last year on a rainy Sunday.  Only saw one intermodal train.  The engine shed at Huntingburg is still there.  Most of the line is very tree'd in so it would be easy to miss a train.  And southern Indiana is quite hilly so the line is quite curvy.  West of Princeton it's rather flat with lots of long tangents.

I was surprised to find a small grain elevator at Golden Gate, Illinois which had a single grain hopper spotted.  I gather they ship single carloads to packagers of bird seed.

Hopefully I can make another drive along that line in better weather and catch more trains.

Scott Chatfield

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