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That drawing was for a series of tank cars to carry fuel oil, not the phosphate cars (see attached). The fuel oil cars were built under ACF Lot No. 19-15087 and numbered in the non-revenue 995000-995007 series. (By October, 1973, non-revenue rolling stock was supposed to be given unique road number series and paint schemes. The Southern adopted orange for MoW cars and preceded revenue road numbers with “99” to make them unique. The idea was to prevent MoW equipment from being interchanged.

Freight car brown on the company fuel oil cars would not seem to have met that part of the requirement although the 99 road numbers would have. (PS: for other MoW equipment, when the edict came down to paint MoW cars differently, orange was chosen…..for the VP Mechanical (or Engineering?), a Univ of TN grad, the choice must have been obvious.)

The attached copy of SF-30291 is for phosphate tank cars Sou 300-346 (the same as the tank drawing posted yesterday). It is a better than perfect example to illustrate why we say ONLY use stencil drawings for lettering placement, not “font” design. The hand drawn stencils on SF-30291 are painfully obvious.


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Thanks for this copy of the ACF stencil.  Can you tell us what the numbers were that Southern issued for this car?
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Here is a letter size copy of ACF stencil drawing 4-F-3205 of their version of the Southern 100T tank cars used in Phosphoric acid service.


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