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Dave Queener


Thank you for posting the pics. I did download them and I think several of them--the E-unit and SR wooden cab pics in particular--will come in handy for model-making. Thanks so much for posting these.


Dave Queener
Knoxville, TN

On 12/15/2019 8:44 PM, David Friedlander wrote:

I did not make it to Saltville to see the 4-4-0 locomotive, but thanks for letting me know it is there.

It looks like I have forgotten come back here and share the photos I took at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA. I spent perhaps 4 or 5 hours there about 943 photos, mostly for modeling purposes down the road for myself and maybe for others who have interest in things like the Amtrak Slumbercoach. I was surprised at how much I was allowed to walk through.

In any case, I've compiled them all into a Google Drive. It should be public for anyone who has the link. I don't plan on taking it down anytime soon. Regardless, I think you should be able to download any photos you want to save off for your modeling in case it somehow disappears.


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