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D. Scott Chatfield

Sounds like what we called "memo billing" in the' 80s.  A non-revenue waybill.

As for B/L and Bs/L, that's bill and bills of lading.

Scott Chatfield

A&Y Dave in MD <dbott@...> wrote:
For anyone who may know early 20th century Southern Railway billing terminology:

I found a reference in a 1920's era note about "card billing" vs commercial billing for moving a Southern-owned shortline's locomotives to Spencer for repairs.  I'm assuming that card billing is what is done for a railroads own locomotives that are being moved in rather than assigned to a train. The superintendent also requested that the storekeeper provide the B/L for this engine and the Bs/L for future engines transported for repairs by the Southern.  I have no idea what that short hand means.

Can anyone enlighten me on the terminology and billing practices for the 1920's Southern Railway?  Is that terminology still in place in more recent times?


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