locked Re: Samuel Spencer

Cohen Bob

Regarding paranormal sightings and such:

While I believe that such things may in fact exist, there usually is a "reason" for their appearance at a location, like the person died there or met an untimely end at that locale. I have never personally experienced such things, but there's always a first time.

Spencer did meet an untimely (and unexpected) end but it was in a lonely little spot about 10 or 12 miles south of Lynchburg, Virginia and nowhere near his happy hunting grounds in Georgia. However, if he just plays tricks at Jekyll Island, maybe that tells us a little about his personality.

Hey, I dunno either about most of the specifics of the man, other than he was very capable financially-knowledge wise, and was tutored by the Morgan group, and that ought to tell us a little something.

I do know he is a permanent resident in a prominent cemetery in Washington, DC, I know that.

Bob Cohen

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