locked Piggyback information in the SRHA archives

George Eichelberger

As I have mentioned before (sorry to be repetitive...), the Southern Railway Presidents' files are a treasure trove of information about any subject that would involve the President. The files we are finding to be particularly interesting are the ones that reach back to the very beginning of major projects and business issues, without a doubt "Piggyback" being huge.

Although scanning files is limited because of other projects, as topics that may become articles in TIES Magazine, useful in the series of SRHA rolling stock books or simply important for research, are located SRHA's digital files* are growing as fast as they can be scanned.

I have attached one example, a July 20, 1959 letter from the PRR to the Southern saying they will establish piggyback service to Potomac Yard in 90 days. It is one of many items in archives Box 545, File 10,765, and others, discussing the beginning of TOFC services.


PS We are considering organizing some "super work sessions" in the archives in 2020. By "super", they will be for more than two days, include multiple projects and will make time for presentations and discussions on various topics. If anyone is interested in the concept, please send an email to archives@....

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