locked Re: Cleaning out the accounting books

D. Scott Chatfield

Sometimes, an entry in the SR records will say something like "car interchanged to Mexico, never returned" ....

I recall a memo that listed the groups of Southern cars that were not to be loaded to consignees in Mexico.  Basically, all of our aluminum cars.  The fear was we would not get the car back.  Metal thieves would cut it up on sight.  I was told that was a big reason why the roof-hatch boxcars were kept in service so long, for loading to Mexico.

Baseless fear?  I don't think so.  When I was doing civil work for BN in the mid '90s they started buying thousands of 4750cf grain hoppers from Trinity, all with fancy new aluminum roof hatches.  They sent a trainload of grain to Mexico in these new cars.  They came back hatchless.

Scott Chatfield

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