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Robert Hanson

There's a lot of that "infinite wisdom" going around.

A scanned image is not the same as an original document, and frequently they'll scan a contract or document without scanning the supporting documents.

Do you have a question about this document?


Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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One item that we obtained from the ACL/SAL merger that actually worked was the Savannah Interchange.  SCL/CSXT has (or had) the responsibility to handle CGA-SCL/CSXT interchange both ways year round. My counterpart at CSXT, Dave Houchin, one day called and said that we should equally handle responsibilities, which would of course require adding a 6 month job at Dillard Yd.  I researched the file and found a letter (not a formal agreement) that said that as a merger condition SCL would handle the I/C from both SCL yards to/from Dillard. I sent him a copy and told him that we would not agree to change a merger condition (same as the VGN/N&W Guyandot River 1959 agreement to Stone Coal Jct. - an arbitration upheld continuing this agreement).  Dave backed off.

Since NS in it's infinite wisdom has scanned the basic Joint Facility agreement files in ATL and destroyed the real files, and since this letter would not appear to be a formal agreement, I am reasonably sure that this and other meaningful correspondence and precedent has disappeared.

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