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George Eichelberger

Thanks Ed!

As a “naturalized” Floridian, I have to admit the ACL medallion lettering style is the absolute classic! Ed’s drawing, like Southern DL-1010 appears to be a tracing of an EMD original. In the case of DL-1010, the EMD drawing numbers are in the left margin. In EMD’s case, “medallion” refers to the painted metal plate attached to the front of locos. (During WWII, the medallion/monogram was painted directly on the SR FT carbody. Research would tell us what EMD and the SR called it in those cases?)

And, as info…the ACL/SALHS Coast Line, SAL and “Family Lines” microfilm drawing aperture cards are at the SRHA archives at TVRM.

The room for the employees model railroad club layout at LaGrange, IL had EMD medallions from many railroads on the walls. (I wonder what happened to them?)

A small version of DL-1010 is attached. It is one of 3,830 scans of diesel drawings in the SRHA archives (with more to be done.)


PS For whatever reason, the Southern used the steam locomotive drawing prefix, “SL” for a few years into the diesel era.

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Here is a good example of a “MEDALLION”.
Ed Mims
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And EMD called it a "Medallion." 

Bob Hanson

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I'll leave the color question to others but first I'll harp on "herald". The Southern Railway always/only called the round "Southern Serves the South" stencil a "Monogram". Other railroads may have used the term "herald" but not the Southern.


<ACL C-1010 Locomotive Medallion WJN.tif>

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