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Robert Hanson

I've seen color slides that showed black lettering on the medallion.

I may have one or two but I'd have to dig them up.

Bob Hanson

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Were the 50’s era F units in early Black or green paint with that medallion?  I don’t think the early black scheme survived that long into the 50’s but there were at least two paint schemes on F’s in ‘the 50’s’.

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The sheet metal monogram used on F-units in, say, the 1950s, was green and (imitation) gold. I owned one, and donated it to TVRM. 


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The list is not a company, but imagine if you went into a store and asked what aisle the Kleenex were in and the clerk said “I’ll let some other staff tell you where they are, but you should know that the correct term is facial tissue.”

I do not know the answer to the actual question, but i know there are 1950 era photos with black lettering in the medallion. The only green lettering I have seen definitively is on the much later ‘wheel on rail’ layout where the slogan is in the ‘rail’ element of the graphic on passenger units.


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And EMD called it a "Medallion."

Bob Hanson

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I'll leave the color question to others but first I'll harp on "herald". The Southern Railway always/only called the round "Southern Serves the South" stencil a "Monogram". Other railroads may have used the term "herald" but not the Southern.


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