locked Re: Clay hoppers and the "cousin" Chip hop

George Eichelberger


This is a shameless ad for SRHA’s three-book set Southern Railway Freight Car Diagrams. SRHA has sold hundreds of copies over the years but the current printing is almost gone (more are not planned at this time). They are available on the SRHA web site (www.srha.net) in the “Grab” section. Because the SRHA set contains pages from multiple originals, it is more comprehensive than any set ever published by the railroad.

We will be mailing Grab orders at the work session this weekend. Orders received this week should go out quickly.

Page H-3201, showing the clay hoppers is attached. The books are basic, and most important, for anyone interested in Southern Railway freight equipment.


On Jan 14, 2020, at 9:11 AM, Kevin von der Lippe <kevin.vonderlippe@...> wrote:

SR converted 70 cars from their 70 Ton 3-bay hoppers in 1956.
Kevin von der Lippe
Oak Ridge, NC

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