locked Re: Clay hoppers

D. Scott Chatfield

Ike wondered:

> PS I have not checked but might the new Tangent hoppers be a starting point for a model of these?

Tangent's 3-bay hopper is a Pullman 15-panel PS-3, 2700cf if memory serves.  L&N owned a LOT.  Southern, I don't think so.

These clay hoppers were rebuilt from 9-panel 3-bays, a post-WW2 AAR standard design mostly associated with ACF.  I don't recall who built the Southern's.  (It's in the diagram book, I'm sure.)  Atlas makes a basic model of this car in their Trainman line.  The old MDC rib-side 3-bay is also this design.  Neither are going to be confused for a Tangent.

Ike might have been thinking of the recent Arrowhead Models coal hopper, which is a 12-panel 3-bay.  The original NS got some of these, and of course these went to the Southern.  I wonder why NS bought those?

Scott Chatfield

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