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George Eichelberger


I have not checked to see if they are correct for clay hopper conversions but they ARE absolutely correct for Southern. I questioned their freight car brown color with Roman lettering. The attached photo, and others I shot confirm they are SR prototypes, in FCB with proper lettering. Note the following photo from David Lehlbach. Actually, I should not have questioned it, Tangent does superior research and development.

May I suggest that everyone that models the Southern in HO should go to the Tangent web site and order several! We will only see this quality model if we support the companies that produce and sell them.


PS While people are ordering Southern cars, they might also consider getting a few “Dixie Line” L&N versions….they are beautiful!

On Jan 14, 2020, at 4:06 PM, D. Scott Chatfield <blindog@...> wrote:

Ike wondered:

> PS I have not checked but might the new Tangent hoppers be a starting point for a model of these?

Tangent's 3-bay hopper is a Pullman 15-panel PS-3, 2700cf if memory serves.  L&N owned a LOT.  Southern, I don't think so.

These clay hoppers were rebuilt from 9-panel 3-bays, a post-WW2 AAR standard design mostly associated with ACF.  I don't recall who built the Southern's.  (It's in the diagram book, I'm sure.)  Atlas makes a basic model of this car in their Trainman line.  The old MDC rib-side 3-bay is also this design.  Neither are going to be confused for a Tangent.

Ike might have been thinking of the recent Arrowhead Models coal hopper, which is a 12-panel 3-bay.  The original NS got some of these, and of course these went to the Southern.  I wonder why NS bought those?

Scott Chatfield
<Sou 73648 clay hopper (wood chips) Linwood Yard 7-96_2.jpeg>

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