locked Re: Southern Wood Chip Service Hoppers

Jim King

The trucks under Ed’s shot of 73648 appear to be 40-ton, maybe 50-ton, capacity most likely left over from scrapped 40-ft boxcars.  The car’s 70-ton capacity is likely impossible now it’s in chip hauling service.  A 70-ton Barber-type truck would have 2 springs in the front row, 3 in the 2nd row and 2 in the inner row.  40-tonners have just 2 rows of 2 springs each while a 50-ton version has a 5th springs in the middle of the 4-spring array.


Maybe the lighter-than-clay (or coal) chip loads is the reasoning behind swapping old plain bearing trucks with lighter-duty RB’s.  Even soaking wet, chips wouldn’t approach 70-tons.


Jim King



Jim King

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