locked Re: Lcal passenger trains on the Southern 7-8-1941

Marv Clemons

I should add that due to the preponderance of posts, camps and stations in and around Alabama, Birmingham Terminal Station was a hub for troop movements during World War II. 

I have records showing an average of 85 daily movements through the station in 1942 handling a peak of 50,000+ passengers, of which the majority were soldiers on furlough or family members making trips to camps.

Southern trains for New Orleans routinely departed Terminal Station with 1200 passengers, compared to a pre-war peak loading of 775 on holiday excursions. 

I worked the operator-towerman job at Terminal Station in the mid-1960s and thought we were busy with 26 daily arrivals and departures.  I can't imagine handling 3 times that many trains with all of the switching moves, plus mail and express.  Now that was big-time railroading!


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