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Ed Mims

Here is a photo that I took in the winter of 1965 as the X-plorer departed Augusta, GA. I don’t remember why is was there but know that it’s destination was Atlanta. You can see the small crowd that turned out to watch it pass by so it must have had some publicity. I don’t know why I was not at my duty station (Fort Gordon) unless this was on a Sunday. Fifty five years later I realize that I should have kept a note book but at my age then, I could remember these things.


Ed Mims


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The SRHA Southern Presidents' files include proposals for new interurban lines, branch lines and passenger trains.

There are multiple items through 1966 that discuss operating the ex NYC "Explorer" train on the Southern. Internal memos in the file make it clear that the Southern had no interest whatsoever in the concept. (attached)


PS The next SRHA work session at the TVRM archives building is next weekend.

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