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I suspect LCL, Package Car and Peddler might have all been the same. I'm not at all familial with this practice but I know train crews and other railroad employees had their own vocabulary. This vocabulary varied railroad to railroad and even on different regions of the same railroad, so if it is not defined by a traffic, it might just be railroad slang. As far as how these cars were handled, I'm sure this also varied depending on the items to be handled (unloaded or loaded) at local stations and the station track arrangement among other things. These are just thoughts--speculation on my part.

Ed Mims

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I’d expect local conditions, and what the Conductor wanted to do, dictated how package and LCL cars were handled at different towns. Quite a few of our depot photos show a box car sitting on house tracks. David Driscoll photos show cabs parked at the freight house at Reidsville, NC. With the large American Tobacco plant, there would have been a lot of local switching there.

We need a first hand account from a SR train crew member of the period.


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Ok, going for a second dumb question of the day:

if the peddler car immediately followed the engine and was dropped at the depot, was the caboose spotted anywhere in particular? A slight familiarity with another rr's practice prompted this question.


Mike Turner


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