locked Re: Industries between Morristown and Asheville.

George Eichelberger

SRHA is in the process of scanning ETTs in the archives and others loaned for the project. I don’t know how many ETTs and PTTs have been scanned so far but it is a large number that covers many years and different divisions. We expect to make complete sets available when the project is complete.

As always, help is needed to work on that, and other projects at this weekend’s archives work session.


On Feb 13, 2020, at 12:54 PM, Thunder via Groups.Io <t_pearson1212@...> wrote:

Thanks all! I am thinking as late as the late 70’s earliest would be 20-30’s.

I’ll look for the industry book, and the TT. 

I have been starting to collect more Southern TT’s, this gives me an excuse to get more.

Thanks again guys. 


On Feb 13, 2020, at 11:25 AM, sgwarner88@... wrote:

I used to have Industrial track book that listed all the stations.  N&W had a different system but I believe that SR used a Line MP system.  I do not recall if they listed specific industries, though, and left it in my files when I retired, not knowing that NS would later destroy most of these documents.  

I suspect that a Knoxville Division Timetable (SRHS has a file) would have many or at least some in the Industry Track section, but one would have to know the era in which you are interested.

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