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I have just learned something new. 

The first section is "bridge rail" which was used on "baulk road" which relied on longitudinal baulks of timer separated with transoms at about 12-15 foot centres rather than the usual closely spaced ties/sleepers to keep the gauge . In these parts we associate it with Brunel's broad gauge; some sections of baulk road survived the abolition of the broad gauge in 1892, though these went long ago. There are still several sections of bridge rail,supporting the iron water tank at my local station and it pops up occasionally in short sections having been used a post for signs or gates  . I didn't know that this type of construction was ever used in the South until now. Baulk road is still sometimes used on bridges and other places where ballasting is impracticable so perhaps it comes from a bridge site? It might be instructive to know where this was found.  

The comma shaped rail is intriguing; perhaps it's part of a crossing or switch? 


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Might anyone on the Southern Railway io group be able to assist John?


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Mr. Eichelberger – I am a collector of Civil War memorabilia, and have been fortunate to come into a quantity of early Atlanta area rail that was collected by Beverly Means DuBose, Jr., his son “Bo”, Franklin Garrett, Wilbur Kurtz and Syd Kirksis in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. I have had the sections (ranging from 42 ½” to 12” in length) cut down to 6”, 3”, 2” and 1” sections. I have done my own preliminary research, which I have attached, and a photo of the cross-sections of the rail I have. Actually, I have other rail in my collection, which also includes rail from several gold mines and coal mines – not critical here.
I would like to speak, if possible, to an expert on old rail, and confirm or correct my research assumptions on the 6 types of rail I believe to be CW period or earlier as seen in the first photo. I have been utterly unable to find out anything concerning the “cross-rail” piece that looks like a “P”. Jackson McQuig, Architect for the Atlanta History Center, is a rail collector, and has said it is a specialized piece that would be used where two rails cross at an angle. The “gutter” on the base is filled with a build-up of creosote, and caused my cutter problems – chewed up his circular saw blade. By the way, the last image shows a clean picture of the main types I have, plus an example of the Virginia & Truckee RR, c. 1916 style.
I WENT TO THE Kennesaw Museum, only to find you folks are no longer located there??
I would be pleased to donate a set of the 1” pieces to you, but I really do need to get an experts’ opinion on the types, etc.
Thanks you very much – please call anytime if you wish.
John A. Dietrichs
President, Atlanta Civil War Round Table 2019-2020
6810 Chapel Glen Court
Atlanta, GA 30360

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