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C J Wyatt

A lot would have been used for steel making around Birmingham, Alabama and other facilities in the region. Mobile AL would have been the main port for coal moving on by water. Lamberts Point would have been unlikely because of the distance and it being an interline move which would share revenues with a then unaffiliated railroad. I do not know if any Alabama coal made it to Southern's pier at Charleston SC.

Jack Wyatt

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, 03:57:29 PM EST, Gino Damen <g.damen@...> wrote:


We (US modelers in the Netherlands) are wondering where the coal from Alabama was transported to? Was it to Mobile or went everything to Lamberts Point?

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I got lucky. The guess of twenty pages (including covers) was good, but date of issue was March 1, 1952. I have been relieved of pages 17-18. I have attached scan of cover and map of Alabama District

Jack Wyatt

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I have one somewhere if I can find it. I am thinking late forties, staple bound, about 20 pages. Unfortunately someone took a pair of scissors to some of the sections.

Jack Wyatt

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I am not aware of a comprehensive coal mine directory but mines are mentioned in various documents.

The most extensive are in files about the coal pier at Charleston. Mines on the Interstate and Southern in SW VA, and how much traffic moved on the L&N are described there.

Contracts 166, 212, 244, 353, 363, 369, 379, 435, 437, 547 and the “Southern News Bulletin” (SNB) reference many mines in Alabama and Tennessee. (A list of contracts was published some time ago and I will check to see if the GRAB has DVDs with the SNBs scans in stock tomorrow. They are an excellent source of information on the Southern.)

The following photo (1 of about 30) shows the Charleston coal pier under construction July 11, 1915. In addition to loading colliers, I was surprised to find ships came to the pier just for bunker coal, a good side business for the Southern.

All of these topics would make for an interesting TIES article if someone is interested in doing the research.


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Did Southern ever publish coal mine directories? I’ve seen several published by the Virginian Railway. They list the various coal loadouts that the railroad served along with the monthly amount of cars shipped per loadout. I was wondering if Southern published something like this and if any are in the archives?

-Evan Miller

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