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Jim King

If a piece of equipment wears SOUTHERN on the side, then I consider it to be a “Southern” car regardless of corporate structure.  From memory, I didn’t see my first NS repainted diesel until 1984-85.  Other than consolidation of service points, yards, etc. and changes in freight train schedules, I saw no appreciable indication of the NS merger for a few years, which is why most of “shooters” were making a BIG effort to capture as much as we could.  Retirement of older power en masse (SD35s and SD45s come to mind) also reduced what we could see trackside.  I’m glad I shot what I did, including cars and cabooses.  The last Southern-painted engine I shot was on Asheville’s South Local in 1992.


Cars that didn’t interchange often, like chip hoppers, bypassed the paint shop most of their lives after initial construction, excepting “patch over” stenciling reflecting car shop visits and AAR changes.  Yes, some were repainted but not at the same frequency as interchanging cars (boxcars, in particular).  Until last year when NS sold a BUNCH of chip hoppers to WATCO and D J Joseph, Southern-stenciled cars last painted in the early/mid 80s were still common, just VERY ratty looking usually.


Jim King



Jim King

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