locked Re: Need number series help

Stephen Warner

Scott.  My understanding from past conversations with NS Law, is that N&W was merged into NSC, and I thus made all of my Operating Agreements under the name of Norfolk Southern Railway Company (as a subsidiary of NSC).  Similar to CNO&TP, AGS, etc.  For example, with the sale of the Tenn. RR. to National Coal, I made that agreement with NCRR among CNO&TP, TRR (NS owned), and NCRR.  NSC as holding company was not a part of any operating agreements that I made.  Of course, NSR registered NS as a reporting mark, although I ASSUME that equipment is owned or leased by NSR, rather than NSC.  While since '64, I always believed that there was a merger among N&W, Wabash, and NKP,  I later found out that N&W LEASED the Wabash and merged with the NKP.  That was evidently, as I understood it, a true lease. 

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