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Bill Schafer


The office car special on the Murphy Branch was photographed by Harry Bundy, who spent a career with, and retired from, Norfolk Southern. Harry went to college in western North Carolina and is an outstanding photographer. Much of his material appears in Kurt Reisweber’s Southern Railway in Color Vol. 3. You will be happy you made this purchase. 

Kurt’s Southern Railway in Color Vol. 4 is being laid out now and will be available later in 2020. It will feature Southern trains in some of Tennessee, most of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, and a bit of Florida.


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Ken Miller answered my question a few days ago re: O H (Harry) Borsum but didn’t know what happened to his slide collection.  Ken’s research indicates that Harry died in 1996 at the age of 75.  I have several of Harry’s Southern slides taken in Monroe during the late 60s and have seen his photos in several books, including SOU and N&W related ones.  He was an avid passenger train/car photographer.  I’ve been told he has a photo spread in Southern in Color Vol 3 showing an office car special on the Murphy Branch.  A copy of that book is in-transit to me now.
Does someone know what happened to Harry’s slide collection?  Did Morning Sun buy it?
Jim King

Jim King

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