locked Re: Derail sign

Stephen Warner

Don't forget the SR standard for derails on tracks descending to main tracks. In the early 70's we were instructed to make a report on those locations, and many of them were replaced with switchpoint derails, as well as all new track constrcution.  The direction of the points were away from the main tracks.  If I recall correctly, they had a standard switch target.  Prior to this, I had a call to go to Greenland where the ASG Glass plant had a descending lead with a Hayes derail.  A hopper car had run down the lead, hopped over the derail and kept going out onto the (dark) main line.  Never got a wheel off of the rail except momentarily when the wheel "in the air"  over the derail.  No main line trains were involved, but it may have been industry-caused or the local may have let one get away.  We replaced it with a sw. pt. derail.  In another instance, the Night Local got one over the Hayes flop-over derail at Frisco Yd, shoving in a set off.  It was a new brakeman, and he threw off the adjacent derail to the track that he lined up.  Clarence McGee, my ATS used to say that the one thing that worked on SR was the derail.  But at Greenland he was wrong.

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