locked train show: Harrisburg, Penna. Saturday, March 14

Cohen Bob

Just a little reminder of the annual Harrisburg, Penna train show this Saturday, March 14, 2020.


It will be held from 9 am to 3 pm at the I.W. Abel Union Hall of the Steelworkers Union at 200 Gibson Street in Steelton, Pa. 17113.

Admission is $5 and kids are free and like all these things, you never quite know who and what's gonna be there. 

No doubt there will be models and parts a plenty but there should also be a goodly selection of railroad books, magazines both current, recent and who knows what else, railroadianna, papers issued by the railroads and depending upon whom you see and how anxious you are to acquire their wares, or how anxious they are to sell their goodies, the negotiations are often-times where the real fun is. No doubt some timetables of your favorite railroads will be there as well, so make sure to get there early and cherry-pick the goodies. Videos of all RR subjects imaginable should also be there and a test track for your new purchased models is also present, not to mention some operating modular layouts.

If you are hungry, there's a snack bar as well.

In addition, the sponsoring club, the Harrisburg Chapter, NRHS will have their Harris Tower open for tours and viewing at the Amtrak/former PRR station so there's another option, and who knows what action your camera might record while there.

How do you get to the show?

I'm glad YOU asked that:

It is located 1 mile south of I-83 in Harrisburg. From I-83N, use Exit 44b, then go south on 19th Street to Gibson, turn RIGHT, and follow your nose until you get to the Union Hall. From I-83S, use Exit 44 B, make a left at the stop sign, then left on Paxton St., then right onto 19th Street to Gibson. Turn Right on Gibson and once again, follow your nose.

Hope to see you there and hope you have a great time.


Bob Cohen

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