locked Archives Work Session March

Jim Thurston

After discussions we have decided to cancel the Archives Work Session scheduled for next week (20-21 March).

This is in an  "abundance of caution" regarding COVID-19. Although we're not a large group, almost everyone who attends falls into the elevated or high risk category. Losing any one of our few people would be a heavy blow. Travel, restaurants, motels, etc, just provide more exposure. A risk we don't need to run.

The mayor of Chattanooga declared a state of emergency this morning, in order to close libraries, senior centers and youth centers, and to suspend event permits. There are no confirmed cases in Chattanooga yet. But the number of cases in Tennessee doubled yesterday from 9 to 18. Fourteen of these are in the Nashville area. Georgia has 42 confirmed cases, all in the northwest region of the state. Nobody, of course, has a clue as to the real numbers.

Concern is that we may be entering a period where cases may spike. Some talk about the next 7-10 days. Our work can wait.. Hopefully, we might pick up again next month.

Jim Thurston

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