locked Charleston Union Station

George Eichelberger

There have been multiple conversations on the SouthernRailway.io group that describe the extent of the material in the SRHA archives. Although it will never be possible to make even a small portion of the archives available on-line, as people may be spending more time at home than usual we have uploaded an entire file on Charleston Union Station to Google Drive. Anyone interested in the subject can do their own “primary research” on what is probably an unknown aspect of Southern Railway history.

The following link to Google Drive contains 183 individual scans of letters and newspaper clippings beginning with the fire that destroyed Charleston Union station January 10, 1947 continuing to 1954. Maps and photos of Charleston are located in other files.

Please note that this is probably a one-time upload of an entire file. We simply do not have the volunteer manpower to repeat it. For anyone interested in this level of research, consider joining or donating to the SRHA archives.

Also, please provide your comments….


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