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Jim Thurston


Both Claytor files are corrupted for me (crazy bad formatting)

Jim T

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All: My apologies! Please disregard the first posting on this..... The attachment included a reference to an organization I never want to see or hear about again. Here is a "clean" version.

To get ready to move the SRHA archives Presidents' files onto the shelves this weekend, and to familiarize people with the kinds of material
they contain, here is one part of 1967-1969 finding aid from Graham Claytor's administation, some of the topics may be familiar.

Without the finding aids, the files would be simply a huge pile of paper. Assembling cleaning them up and getting everything into file folders and archives boxes was the work of "our" archivist Salley Loy. Her work, partially funded by a grant from Norfolk Southern, is one of the most significant collections in the SRHA archives. As soon as resources permit, the Presidents' files and Ben Robert photo prints finding aids will be put on the SRHA web site.

The file count in the attached example is up to 11,579 with more Claytor and Harold Hall indexes not shown. If we have enough help tomorrow and Saturday, all will be out of packing boxes and accessible for the first time in several years.


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