locked Re: Condensed List and Description of Locomotives

Robert Graham


I have a SOU form 1014 that I believe is a 1967 copy; it DOES NOT have an effective date (olive green cover, dark green tape binding) but I believe it to be a 1967 edition, as it does not have the SD45's listed, but does have the 1965 SD35's and still has the E6A's listed, which were T/I to EMD on SD45's in 1967. It shows CofG F3A listed as 0901-0909 listed as on the roster. The next newest edition I have is May 6 2970 and the CofG F3A are not listed.

Best I can do.

Bob Graham

---- "David Payne via Groups.Io" <davidcofga=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:

Does anyone have a copy of the subject list dated January 1, 1967 (on or about)?  If so, would you let me know if all nine of the Central of Georgia F3 locomotives (901 - 909) are listed.
Thank you.
David Payne

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