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Charles Harris

A follow up to earlier posts on this.     Please refer to info below re above club and where info might be available. As refers to Southern Railway and also other railroads.

I am looking for archives of the magazine issued by Southern & Southwestern Railway Club as attached.  Specifically the 1946 issues which should cover this:

Just looking for advice on above organization in the Atlanta Georgia  area. Where historical records of the club and club newsletters maybe held in Atlanta.  The issued Proceedings and a newsletter regularly for many decades.  Have been in contact with epowerrail.com who currently organize annual meetings etc, and they have not been able to advise location of historical archives.  Are you able to assist or place in your own newsletter my request.  Records maybe in a library of some sort in Atlanta. Any photos taken at this exhibition/demonstration would be great.

On March 21 1946, (ref Atlanta Newspaper 21 March 1946 Page: 14) the Ingalls 4-S diesel loco was on demonstration at Terminal Station Atlanta GA, to L&N, Seaboard, GM&O, and Southern Railroad, arranged by the Southern & Southwestern Railway Club.
How would of this loco got to Atlanta? what paper work would have been required. Was it part of a scheduled freight train? Would have travelled possibly on Southern trackage, from either Ingalls Iron Works in Birmingham AL or from Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula MS. Any reports provided at the time to the railroads of specifications,style, etc would be great. The only date I have is the one above. Not sure when it arrived in Atlanta or when it departed and to where. Eventually purchased by GM&O.

Your comments and advice where to locate would be great.

Charles Harris

New Zealand

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