locked US Navy Complaint Re Passenger Service To Camp Lejeune, NC 2-21-1952

George Eichelberger

We have been scanning and organizing all of the various passenger train related memos, orders and correspondence in the SRHA archives. (New files were created during different SR Presidents’ and file names and contents simply changed over the years. Files on particular subjects, such as individual passenger trains, will be reorganized to make their contents easier to locate. As much will be digitized as possible.)

As the attached bulletin, in the Southern Railway Historical Assoc. archives, from the North Carolina Railroad Association says “in a unique and unprecedented procedure” the US Navy filed a complaint with the NC Utilities Commission about passenger service to Jacksonville, NC and the US Marine Corps. base, Camp Lejeune in 1952.

Before the ACL route north from Wilmington was abandoned and removed , Camp Lejeune was served by a spur off the ACL in Jacksonville and the Gov’t owned Camp Lejeune Railroad that connected to the A&EC at Havelock, NC. (There is a file on the Camp Lejeune RR in the SRHA archives, certainly worthy of a TIES article. The line is still active to and from Lejeune. Trains of USMC equipment use it to get to US Navy ships at Moorehead City, NC as well for coal for the steam plant and general freight.)

The bulletin is attached. If anyone is interested in the text of the Navy’s complaint, it can be downloaded from Google Drive using the following link:


Because the complaint involves several railroads, I’ve posted to to both the SouthernRailway and passenger .io groups.


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