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George Eichelberger


One of the reasons we established “ModelingTheSouthern@groups.io” (a sub-group of SouthernRailway@groups.io) is to create a “place” where we can focus on accurate SR modeling information AND extend access to the archives for folks that cannot get to Chattanooga easily. I’m not certain, but I think people have to subscribe to “ModelingTheSouthern” before they get postings. With the archives work of the last couple of weeks, we have not done much with the modeling group but that needs to be corrected.

One thing we would like to include is simply an album of Southern and CofG models that people have done. Just seeing what other have done/are working on is a great “starter” for new projects. If anyone would like to help moderate the group, please let me know and we’ll set it up.

It is not possible to respond to individual data requests from everyone (SRHA members will have priority) but locating and posting drawings for projects we are seeing will be easier to do.

I’ve attached an example of a SR car I wanted to model the first time I saw it, a 50’ container flat. The cars were built to load bagged Kaolin to the Port of Savannah without unloading the 20’ containers. They replaced using 89’ ft TTX cars (imagine switching those around in a middle Georgia Kaolin plant!)

We have all of the drawings the Southern used to modify standard 50’ flats for the service.


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Wish I had that diagram when I did my F7 freight units.  Maybe I'll go back and redo the piping I did to make them more realistic.

Wish the archive was closer, so I could volunteer there...it doesn't help that I recently moved even further away up to NYC.

David Friedlander

On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 11:58 PM George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:
Southern drawing DL-3304 shows the aftercooler piping for “Freight Units”. I will see if there is a digital version of the air tanks drawing tomorrow. If not, I expect there is a hard copy of the drawing in the archives at TVRM.


PS The Friday and Saturday work session got all of the Presidents’, Central of Georgia Executive Dept and ICC Field Notes unpacked and on the reinstalled shelves. The next formal work session is not until November (dates are on the SRHA.net web site) but we will be there before the planned session. If anyone wants to see the archives after next weekend, send a note to archives@....

<DL-3304 aftercooler pipe arrt.jpeg><DL-3304 aftercooler pipe arrt.jpeg>

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