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David Friedlander


I will most definitely join the modeling list once established.  I'd help moderate it too if desired.

In regards to my Question #1 and #2:
I looked through my digital library and found Bob Harpe's build for these.  I feel very blessed to have a PDF of it, as it answers my questions for #1 and #2. Thank you Bob for the detailed build and Allen Cain for producing the PDF.  Though I did notice that a few of the pictures I'm looking at, it looks like 4136, 4140, and 4143 match Bob's roof piping, but every other photo I see seems to show the tanks on the fireman side connected together rather than doing into the roof.  Thoughts?

Following up to Question #3:
Looking closely... the Yellow lettering on the Green Tuxedo locomotives be the same font as the Gold lettering on the Black Tuxedo locomotives...just a lot smaller.  Do others agree?

If the sizing is the same as the FT diagram I have, the yellow SOUTHERN should be 7" tall and the numbers should be 5.5" tall.  Do folks agree with that?

Additional question:
Looks like the SOUTHERN lettering is DL-6015 and the numbers are DL-3039.   The CNO&TP units had lettering near the rear.  Does anyone have a copy of DL-6016 for the CNO&TP lettering?  I'm willing to draw the letters and provide them to Ike to put on the Google Drive, or groups.io, or wherever is most convenient for all to use for their modeling.

Thanks for your time,
David Friedlander

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I'm currently trying to figure out three things for Southern (Phase 3) F3's that had the Rooftop Tanks:
1. Does anyone have photos or drawings of the roofs to determine where piping for the tanks should be routed? Don't see anything really good in my books, though I found this really nice G-scale build: http://dieseldetailer.proboards.com/thread/15115/another-southern-f3a

2. Does anyone know the actual dimensions for the tanks?  I know they're not the same as the E8.

3. I noticed the southernmodeler.info site is gone.  Do the lettering diagrams (dimensions, etc.) for the yellow lettering on the green units exist online?

David Friedlander

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