locked Re: Mystery Hopper Class

D. Scott Chatfield

Pullman-Standard, if memory serves.  Not ex-CG.

Scott Chatfield

"Evan Miller via groups.io" <nsrailfan82@...> wrote:
Hello everyone, I was looking though the photos on the Southern Railfan photo archives and these hoppers I've linked below caught my attention.  Would anyone happen to have any information regarding this class? They lasted long enough into the NS era to receive the designation of HS-22. I know they can't be from Southern's massive fleet of 3 bay 70 tonners built in the 50's. They're not the 3 bay  Committee Design cars. And they are not the 3 bay Greenville cars that were built just before the merger. Perhaps Southern received these before switching to the Big Red design?
-Evan Miller

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