locked Re: Mystery Hopper Class

Stephen Warner

I do remember these 78 and 79 thousand hoppers, and rerailed more than I cared to, since my territory was a major Sou. coal route.  The first design, if you looked closely at the truck location (not in these pix, these came later), had one axle on each end jutting out past the car end.  I always understood that this was changed because the truck spacing matched the rail joint spacing (before CWR) and allowed too much harmonic rocking action/derailments on our old, battered joints.  This was especially bad on the curves on the TB/St. Charles Line 100LB AC rail.  The other thing as that they wore the rail badly - I could always hear them squealing on the sharp curves, much louder (and heavier) than the Silversides. SR tried steering trucks, but it added too much Tare Wt. and created overload potential since exactly 100 M's plus tare equaled 286K, but just a minute too long at a flood loader would have a 290K or more car, overweight. I proved this to Mr. Rose, which he already suspected.  These pix bring back a lot of memories.

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