locked 1930-35 era lettering for low side gon?

A&Y Dave in MD

I have builder's photos from 1924, but that was before the 1928 lettering changes recommended by American Railway Association.  And then there was further changes recommended by the AAR when it was formed in '34.

I have lots of photos of the 1937-1943 rebuilds, but can find no information or photos of 1930 era lettering.

Other than volunteering at the SRHA archives, is there any information available on the lettering (either photos or lettering diagrams) that are specific to the period from 1930-1935?

I've been through all my books and photos and the best I can find is the Duke University construction images from 1929-1930 which show the early pre-1928 scheme and the Southern Railway Handbook's 1924 builders photo.   I can find absolutely nothing from then to 1937, when there are rebuild photos (although mostly dated from 1943-1956).

I'd like to backdate at least two of my Speedwitch media kits to 1934.  I've already developed the artwork for the lettering on the 1929 photos.  I'd like to have one in what I believe is a simplified scheme (at least that's what I see with boxcars and vents).  Can someone confirm that the 1943 scheme would have been identical to that of the early 30's or share an early 30's photo or lettering diagram?

Dave Bott

Attached is an example of my 1928 scheme artwork (although the actual vector artwork is in Adobe Illustrator).


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