locked Southern Railway "F-Card" and "P-Card" Drawing Lists

George Eichelberger

To jump-start conversations on the SouthernRailway@groups.io list, we will post a link to a number of Southern Railway "F-Cards" on Sunday. F-Cards are the drawings lists for each freight car specification that show all of the drawings for that group of cars. Virtually every "SF" (freight car) drawing on the F-Cards is in the SRHA archives. Many drawings do not describe the car series they were used so the F-Cards are invaluable for finding whatever drawings are needed. The archives include Card Record F-1 for log cars 1-27 (no date) but published about 1905 through Card Record F-213 for 84 100-Ton 86'-6" Hy-Cube box cars 42862-42945.

The Southern changed their nomenclature for Specifications and Card Lists to use sequential "New Car Program" (NCP) numbers in the mid 1960s. The SRHA archives include from NCP-18 to NCP-59. One reason for the change may have been the beginning of the "Special Car Programs" (SCP) for the rebuilding of hundreds of 40' box cars. The various programs that modified box cars to be roof hatch cars, for example, were included in the SCP files.

Equipping box and flat cars to carry auto parts and finished autos had their own "Automobile Car Program" (ACP) programs.

SRHA was fortunate to have been given permission to remove all of the files from Hayne Shop in Spartanburg before it was closed. Records, drawings and correspondence were obtained for most Southern Railway all-steel equipment. After Spencer Shops closed, Hayne was responsible for maintaining all box cars, passenger cars, business cars and cabooses so much of that documentation survives today. (Coster Shop maintained all "open" cars but not much material was saved when that shop closed.)

Passenger cars had a documentation system that paralleled freight cars; drawings had "SP" prefixes, Specifications and Drawing Lists (P-Cards).