locked TIES Magazine, SRHA's Quarterly Journal

Bill Schafer

TIES Magazine is the quarterly journal of the Southern Railway Historical Association. It is nominally 32 pages, with prototype articles, mention of notable restorations of Southern Railway equipment or structures, personality profiles (and obituaries), and many other tidbits pertaining to the Premier Carrier of the South. TIES for the 3rd quarter of 2018 (2018-3) is at the printer and will be mailed in the next week or two. TIES has been published since 1987, first as a bimonthly magazine, and, since 2012, as a quarterly. White River Productions does a professional job laying out the magazine, and they arrange for its printing and distribution.

Here's the cover of the 2018-3 TIES. Spoiler alert: much of the subject matter relates to Winston-Salem, N.C. We will also feature additional articles about the Southern in Winston-Salem in 2018-4 TIES. 

Speaking of 2018-4 TIES, here are some other articles we're planning: Southern's Spring Street office building renovation; restoration of an E8 and a 1970 boxcar; first person account of a close call on a Washington Division local freight; and (if space permits) a retrospective of Southern's 2-10-2s.

We have compiled a table of contents for all TIES since 2012. It's in an Excel spreadsheet, so it's searchable. All back issues are available from SRHA - check our website (www.srha.net) for pricing and shipping. 

We are always looking for Southern Railway-related articles to share with our membership - if you have a story to tell, send it to us. Just be sure to have enough source material to make a good article, and if you have some images to go with it, so much the better. Don't worry if think you can't write - that's what editors are for.

--Bill Schafer, Co-editor, TIES Magazine