locked Central of Georgia freight routing



Thank you again for putting all of these little gems someplace where we can get at them. ;)

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC

George Eichelberger

Yesterday at the SRHA archives, I scanned a file that included a letter from Mr. W.E. Dillard, President of the Central of Georgia Railroad to Mr. D.W. Brosnan, President of the Southern dated August 28, 1963, two months after the Southern took over the CofG, a difficult time for the Central. Mr. Dillard sent the note with an attachment describing the CG Marketing people had worked with their customers to include or change the routing of 670 cars.

While the “my sincere” note from “DWB”, appears unusually soft compared to other correspondence, the attachment is interesting because of its detail showing both inbound and outbound customers, what they shipped, origins and destinations and their routes.

The Google Drive link to the letter and attachments is:


PS Work to modify the new archives building at TVRM is virtually complete. We will be unpacking and shelving the Southern Railway Presidents’ and Mechanical Dept files along with other projects at the Oct 19 and 20 work session. Join us if you can! For additional information, please contact archives@....