locked 3rd Rail/Sunset Models making SOU Dual-Service F3's

David Friedlander


Recent news...Sunset Models/3rd Rail is now going to attempt do the dual service (steam generator + rooftop air tanks) F3's in both green and black. These are O Scale models and come in both 3R (TMCC control), and 2R (DCC w/ QSI Titan). For more info and your chance to reserve that or other roads: http://www.3rdrail.com/reservation.html#F3

I think O Scalers are really lucky that this company is willing to do anything in Southern with road-specific detailing these days. Hopefully there is enough of us interested that can reserve enough units to get these produced in Southern.

As for other Southern offerings...they also have reservations open for Southern E6's and E7's in both green and black.  SD40-2 reservations are not cancelled, just put on the back burner to simmer around for enough orders to build up. Of course one reservation option is in Southern.

I recently moved to NY, so if anyone is in or near the city and doing any sort of modeling (Southern or not), it would be cool to visit. All the best.

David Friedlander
New York, NY