locked Southern Railway Presidents' Files Finding Aid DRAFT Version

George Eichelberger

They are not perfect but the enclosed Google Drive link will allow everyone to download a copy of the current draft of the Southern Railway Presidents' Files Finding Aids.

We need to begin an archives work session project to "QC" each entry against the contents of the files and make whatever corrections or additions we need. You'll note the intro to each year mentions the entry is "representative" of its contents. The folder includes MS Word or Excel files for each year since the formation of the Southern. (The Google Drive viewer appears to want to alter the Excel files but let's simply ignore that for now. It may be best to download them...)

The link (open in your browser) is:

I find myself constantly wanting to "click" on an entry so I can see the entire file (some have 200 pages). Maybe someday, with enough volunteer or paid help, that will be possible but for now folks will need to go the the archives to see their contents. Please understand, we do not have enough volunteers to respond to all requests for copies or scans. Priority will go to anyone working on articles for TIES, another historical group's publication or one of the commercial magazines. If anyone has ideas of how we might obtain a grant, we could pay students from the Univ of TN-Chattanooga to help.

Either plan on attending one of our third-weekend work sessions or send an email to archives@... if you plan to be at TVRM on other days so you can access the files and do your own research. (Looking though files and seeing 4501 under steam just across the street is worth the trip.)