Locked 4-8-2's in freight service

Gary Bechdol

At the very end of steam on Southern, several Ts and Ts-1 4-8-2's were assigned to Chattanooga-Atlanta-Macon freight sevice.  Several, if not all, were equipped with 14,000 gallon tenders from retired Ps-4's, to eliminate intermediate water stops. Does anyone know, or care to speculate, why the 4-8-2's were assigned to this service instead of, say, Ms-4 2-8-2's. also, what type of trains they might have been assigned to.

There was an article in Southern Rails back in the last century covering the Ts's in this service, but I have not been able to locate my copy.  It included several photos of Ts's in freight black, but at least on was black with full passenger lettering and stripping.  Southern's shop forces were a class act all the way to the end.

Thanks in advance.

Gar Bechdol
Stone Mountain, GA

George Courtney

Would love to see a black Ts with passenger lettering if possible?  I don't have an answer to why Southern used the Ts in freight service.  But I know they B&O used Mountain types in the midwest because of their higher speed over lower driver sized Mikes.

George Courtney