locked List of Southern SCPs and CPs

George Eichelberger

Thanks to Rick Bell, a list of Southern "SCPs" (Special Car Programs) and the later "CP" (Car Programs) is on the "Public" part of the SRHA file server. Use the same URL, etc. described for the Pullman files to download the material. (The file server does not have a "viewer" function so you must download and view files on your PC.)

"Special Car Program" IDs were given to all freight and passenger car rebuild and modification programs until the system changed to just "car programs" in 1971. Locos used a different system, cars used for auto parts or finished car service had their own "ACP" (Auto Car Program).

SCP and CP IDs are the "key" to finding many Mechanical Dept or Hayne or Coster Shop files in the SRHA archives. Accounting info, specifications, work to be performed, etc. were filed under their SCP or CP numbers. Archives volunteers still have a large amount of work to locate and organize the files we have. (It is too early in the process to respond to requests for information. If anyone is particularly interested in something, everything is accessible at our work sessions.)

"New Car Programs" (NCP) files are another very important part of the archives. SRHA member Scott Chatfield is "deep" into organizing those files now.

All of the SRHA archives work sessions are posted on the SRHA web home page, the 2020 dates will be set soon. (Volunteer time or cash donations for archives supplies and equipment are always welcome.)