Locked SOU/NS/N&W wood chip hopper kits coming back to HO

Jim King

Crosstie Models’ owner, Josh Clark, and I have reached an agreement for Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc. to resume production of the Southern/NS/N&W GS50/G82 large wood chip hopper kit in HO. 


This model’s production ended in June 2019 following a successful run so we thought bringing out “Round 2” may spark new market interest.  These kits will be available directly from SMMW only.  None will be sold thru dealers, societies or at train shows and there is no guarantee the next production run will last long (resin kits are market-driven and limited-run by nature).


If you missed out on the previous run, now’s the time to remedy that.  Please contact me off-list to discuss.  Click on the main web site below to visit other items we produce or on this page showing just the chip hoppers:  http://smokymountainmodelworks.com/HO_rolling_stock.html


Jim King



Jim King