locked Southern Railway Horse Express Car Stencil Drawing - early version

George Eichelberger

Here is a copy of the stencil diagram for one of the Southern's Southeastern Express, horse cars. It is © SRHA for personal use only.

"Southeastern Express" was the Southern's version of what became the Railway Express Agency. It became part of the American Railway Express under the USRA in WWI, back to an independent operation in the early 20s and became part of the Railway Express about 1938. The drawing (10-27-1925) shows the side sill stripe and rather "fancy" serif lettering before it was simplified. Bethlehem Car Works offered very nicely done kits of horse cars with windows for the Southern, (the same design may have been used by the SAL and ACL) and a windowless car for PRR. The Southern's cars appear to have been converted to baggage cars about 1941 with horses traveling in PRR cars through the 50s.

I will post photos of models of the PRR and Southern cars after I can take some acceptable photos.