locked Future HO resin kits -- please reply

Jim King

I have 3 new HO resin kits in the works:

  1. Southern/original NS 12-post PS 5277 single door boxcar – no waffles.  Southern and the original NS were the only roads to order a 12-post 5277 design from Pullman starting in 1971 (this configuration has never been produced in HO).  Southern has thousands of these that ran well into the new NS era.
  2. Same as above but with waffles.
  3. NS Trinity “Dolly Parton” Aluminum coal gon.


See attached low-rez photos.  Please reply to this email OFF-LIST with a quantity for each item you want to purchase (even if zero … I’m trying to gauge market demand) when available.  Target delivery for the non-waffle box is later this year.  The Dolly Parton will be early/middle next year.  The waffle version of the box will follow the gon.  Target prices are in the $65-range including trucks, couplers and decals.


Jim King