locked Just a nice drawing!

George Eichelberger

It has been some time since I looked at scans of the of the oldest Southern passenger car drawings, I revisited a series of “standard” car drawings from 1904 and 05. 

It took the Southern about ten years to document the rolling stock received from the various predecessors before they started ordering new equipment. Starting about 1904, the railroad produced a series of standard freight and passenger car designs. They appear to have been used mostly to begin conversations with carbuilders. It is difficult to equate drawings from that period to different orders and car numbers because other documentation, and photos, are so rare.

In any case, here is an example, SP-1003 drawn 12-28-1904. Note that most of the drawings shown in the “Details” list use predecessor drawing numbers, most like a system adopted from the R&D. Quite a few of the older drawings were given a new Southern title block and drawing number . The linen originals from SP-1000 (the starting number) are in the archives at Chattanooga.