locked O scale details for a SRR-style RS-3?

Lee Bishop

Hello all,
I’ve toyed around for a while with the idea of making an O scale version of ET&WNC RS-3 # 209 or 210, which were CoG engines with all the SRR style parts on them with changed road names (until the white tuxedo stripe got replaced with orange, anyway). Just something to run somewhere if I ever get the chance, as I only mode the ET&WNC in On30, probably in 3-rail but one of the more accurate models around.
I have no idea if anyone makes a SSR-style bell/bracket as well as the correct marker lights in O scale so I could take this project on if I wanted to proceed. I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find anything that’d work. I built this exact thing in HO scale a zillion years ago (sold it at a train show in the 90s, when I got out of HO forever), but we all know in HO scale, you can find almost anything.
Does anyone know if someone makes these parts?
Lee Bishop